Lifting Equipment Inspection & Trainings

We Safeguard the Integrity of all Your Lifting Equipment

Astron offers a full range of inspection, certification, and testing services for all types of lifting equipment and accessories to ensure they are legislative or health and safety requirements.

The services that we provide both onshore and offshore locations comprise of witnessing, commissioning, and testing of lifting equipment, load testing of lifting equipment, periodic inspections and recertification of lifting tackles and equipment.

Why Choose Astron

We have a qualified team of engineers qualified to conduct inspections and necessary testing of all your lifting equipment, to ensure they meet the requirements of local regulations and international standards.

Maximize uptime and planned outages to minimize operational impact by inspecting and certifying your Lifting equipment in a scheduled manner in turn reducing downtime.

Assure the safe working capability of your Lifting appliance like Crane, Forklift, Mobile Elevating Work Platform, Earthmoving Equipment etc., or all lifting accessories and hoisting equipment.

ASTRON provide a wide range training courses within the industry ensuring your personnel can perform their operations safely and competently before deployment.

Our comprehensive training programs includes both theoretical and practical sessions. The aim of these programs is to ensure that the operators possess high skill levels, allowing them to operate their equipment safely and effectively.

Our services not only assures the equipment is safe but also ensures that the equipment operators are well trained and highly skilled .

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